The proportion of hearing-impaired patients is increasing in Germany and worldwide. More and more people are so severely affected by hearing loss that even the best hearing aids are no longer sufficient. Some patients cannot wear hearing aids at all because of a chronic inflammation of the ear canal or middle ear. Since 1978, implants have been developed for these patients to compensate for the hearing damage. A whole range of implantable devices is now available.

In our hospital you will be fitted with implantable hearing aids such as cochlear implants (CI). A small team with always the same contact person will take care of you. At your disposal are Professor Dr. med. Markus Suckfüll as surgeon and head physician of the clinic and the senior consultant Dr. Christian Herzog as the person responsible for consultation hours and aftercare. The outpatient clinic has a soundproof examination room in order to achieve optimum room acoustics for the hearing impaired. To facilitate communication, we can provide you with an FM system if required.

Our task as an interdisciplinary CI centre is to find individual solutions for all hearing problems. In the CI-Centre Martha-Maria Munich we can offer you all available surgical options. For this purpose, we have put together a team of doctors, audiometrists, acousticians and speech therapists as well as linguists, from preoperative diagnostics to surgery and subsequent medical and rehabilitative aftercare.


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