The Martha-Maria Hospital in Munich is the only clinic in Bavaria to offer its patients a new, gentle alternative in the treatment of thyroid nodules with echotherapy.

At Martha-Maria Hospital Munich, we use the "Echopulse®", a unique and relatively new device for the treatment of benign thyroid nodules.

The Echopulse® is a combination of an ultrasound image scanner and a high-intensity focused ultrasound generator. As both functions are integrated into one system, the device offers an innovative solution and a gentle alternative to surgery, as it allows the non-invasive treatment of benign tumors.

Even without opening, the physician is in control of the treatment at all times thanks to the ultrasound imaging and can optically display the node or tumor to be treated.

Without incision or scar:
Echotherapy for benign thyroid tumors

What is echotherapy?

Echotherapy is a therapeutic procedure based on therapeutic ultrasound. It uses the principle of a magnifying glass: the ultrasound rays are bundled and arrive with high intensity at a single point in the tissue, causing localized heating of the tissue.

The affected tissue heats up very quickly to about 85 °C. In a certain way, a kind of "melting process" begins during the echotherapy session. After the treatment, the echotherapy continues to work and the benign lump becomes smaller and smaller over time. Thanks to the bundling, the healthy tissue in the surrounding area is preserved and the skin is not damaged. Therapeutic ultrasound has been successfully used for many years to treat tumors. Echotherapy is specially designed for the treatment of fibroadenomas of the breast and benign thyroid nodules.

Another advantage of echotherapy is that it combines treatment with ultrasound imaging to monitor the therapy accurately and in real time.

When is echotherapy used?

Echotherapy is suitable for the treatment of benign thyroid nodules as an alternative to surgery. This is the case, for example, if the node is rather large and/or is constantly growing, resulting in functional impairment (swallowing, breathing) or if the external change is an aesthetic problem for the patient. Furthermore, echotherapy can be used instead of radioiodine therapy.  The so-called "hot node" is very suitable, so that radioiodine therapy is then no longer necessary.

What are the advantages of echotherapy?

Echotherapy is the first and only treatment alternative that is completely non-invasive. Compared to surgery, echotherapy does not require any incisions and therefore leaves no scars, wounds or impairments. This is an enormous advantage, because an operation does not only leave scars on the surface of the skin, but also within the tissue. This can make later examinations and diagnoses more difficult.

Advantages of echotherapy:

painless method without surgery and without scarring
short-stionary treatment under general anesthesia
short treatment duration (20 minutes to 1 hour)
Real-time control by means of ultrasound images
Length of stay in the clinic only overnight

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